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Mark and Friends created a volunteer board to establish the Bratville Community Arts Center and within twelve short months, funding was in place to break ground on our Main Internet location. Generous contributions from citizens, businesses, and city grants, were instrumental in creating Bratvilles's first artistic center. The Bratville Community Arts Center was not established to replace local galleries and arts groups. The Bratville Community Arts Center wanted to provide a communal presence to help local artists thrive, and unlock the artistic potential of every Bratville resident.

The Bratville Community Arts Center is always looking for new volunteers, and of course, all contributions are accepted. Visit our Contact us page if you are interested in volunteering or giving in any way to our worthy cause. All of your talents and artistic abilities are greatly appreciated in building the most wonderful community of Brats acceptable by society.

We have been around for over a decade now with Bratville still growing and going strong.
We Strive To Bring The Best Information And Education To All Of You Brats! And Just A Little Fun And Adventure While You Learn!

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BratChat was really fun while it lasted. We just didn't have enough visitors at the time. Maybe we can start it up again soon. Let us know what you think.

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